Flavor-Crisp Coatings and Marinade for Fried Foods

What our customers say.
David, owner of David’s Mini Mart in Holdenville, OK, states:
“My customers come to my store from miles around for Flavor-Crisp chicken.
I wouldn’t consider using any other brand.”

Fine grind or medium? Here’s the difference:
Fine grind can be used as breading or as a batter. Designed for breading in advance
of frying, up to 18 hours. Just pre-bread and refrigerate for a later time.
Allow the fine coating to “set up” at least 20 minutes in refrigeration before frying.
Medium grind is designed for use 1 hour or less before frying. Great for fresh fish!

Flavor-Crisp gives fabulous flavor to all deep fried or pan fried foods:

Chicken, of course Fresh shrimp or fish
Chicken fried steak Jo-jo potatoes
Onion rings Veal cutlets
Pork chops and cutlets Vegetables

Here’s a tip: Use fresh chicken to produce a juicier, more tender, and better tasting product along with a more appealing look. And, fresh chicken absorbs less oil.

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